Driving revolutionary paid media results for the UK’s leading online interiors retailer

Campaign Highlights

  • We delivered game-changing paid media results
  • We changed this brand’s perception from old fashioned to contemporary and trendy amongst their most prospective customers
  • We helped our client move their marketing strategy from a last-click, direct response measurement model to one that fully embraced paid social
  • Paid media went from a non-existent part of the brand’s digital strategy to one of their top three performing channels

An exciting brief from our client


Our brief was to change consumer perception of this brand: from traditional and old fashioned to contemporary and trendy.

To do this, we set out to prove the value of the paid media acquisition channel by increasing lead gen performance for our client.

In addition, we wanted to show how we could attract a better quality customer who was more likely to convert, to further increase the business’ market share and revenue.


Why was this campaign challenging?


Social media hadn’t been considered a lead-gen, performance channel for this brand before. Our objective was to prove the value of paid social and its ability to deliver ROI and measurable results for our client.

There were numerous tests delivered every step of the way, including:

  • Conversion uplift tests to assess the incremental leads social could generate
  • Audience segmentation tests
  • Creative testing and optimisation throughout

We wanted to push the boundaries and look at innovative approaches that hadn’t been considered by the brand before.

Our goal was to identify the best paid media mix for the brand to start driving cost-efficient results and build up trust in the channel.

Our targeting technology delivered exceptional paid media results


Using our ATOM audience technology, we were able to to build bespoke audiences based on a customer’s interest in specific product categories and their responsiveness to varied value propositions.

Our AI empowered ATOM allowed us to target users cross-platform throughout their buying journey and then serve them the most attractive creative and messages at the right time, ensuring a seamless consumer journey.

A winning campaign strategy


Our insights revealed what the purchasing triggers were for different audiences; by differentiating between product categories, we created bespoke campaigns to increase conversion at specific points.

These were then overlaid with home owner status to make sure we were only targeting relevant prospect customers.

We applied a retargeting strategy where we targeted website visitors who hadn’t converted into leads, to draw them back into the conversion funnel.

We analysed results every month across social platforms and results, including metrics of quality of leads, order values, cancellation rates and conversions, to fine tune the campaigns and optimise budgets.



  • Over 2m video views on social media within a year
  • Over 16m people reached on social media
  • Over 250% increase in spontaneous awareness
  • Over 150% increase in new users from social to the client’s website
  • Over 500% increase in goal conversions from social to the client’s website

Amazing year on year performance:

  • Nearly 150% increase in revenue
  • Over 180% increase in last-click leads volume
  • Reduction in Cost per Last-Click Lead by 15%