Top 3 creative solutions for paid social Facebook campaigns

With over 65 million businesses advertising on Facebook and global ad spend set to reach a staggering £51.2 billion this year alone, it’s now more important than ever to create engaging content that stands out on the newsfeed.

Given this competitive landscape, we’ve put together three creative solutions to help drive your Facebook campaigns.


1. Vertical Video

Vertical videos are perfect for capturing consumer attention. They make maximal use of the mobile screen and are an easy format to consume, especially considering that we hold our phones vertically 94% of the time. Vertical video can therefore be a hugely effective part of any Facebook campaign.

Cartoon Network MENA:

Take for example this Cartoon Network promotion alongside Saudi-based food conglomerate, Almarai. The content has been exclusively designed for the mobile feed and engages the audience through its vibrant colours, fast pace and dynamic video split.

The short and snappy subtitles are also key in delivering its message, with 85% of all Facebook videos being watched without sound.

The results are testament to the impact effective content can have when paired with the vertical video format; this video achieved almost 100k impressions with a very healthy cost per result of just £0.03.

From a strategic standpoint, vertical video is ideal for being repurposed across social media stories. This allows you not only to reach a whole new audience but also alleviates the need to create a costly, new asset.

2. Carousel

Carousels are an interactive format allowing you to display up to ten images or videos within a single ad.

When executed correctly, they are perfect for telling a compelling story about your business or product.

Statistically, carousel ads achieve a 72% higher click-through rate when compared to static mobile ads, making them a crucial part of any Facebook campaign offering.

In terms of best practice, there’s one key rule to follow: tell a story. Whether it’s utilising a series of videos or a long single image it’s important to develop a narrative that progresses from one card to the next.


This carousel we produced for Fulton Umbrellas is a prime example of a carousel being used effectively. The format works perfectly in highlighting the full range of patterns, while the decorative borders tie the carousel together with one consistent theme.

The playful headline copy also captures people’s attention and urges them to view the next card. Above all, it’s clean cut, uncluttered and draws attention to the product.

It’s no surprise therefore that the carousel saw a significant uplift in impressions, click through rates and an extremely strong cost per add to cart. The results go to show that a visually engaging carousel can achieve results for your brand.

3. Canvas

Canvases are the perfect experience for bringing brands and products to life on mobile. Canvases utilise a mix of video, still images, text and call-to-action buttons helping generate brand awareness and customer acquisitions.

They load instantaneously within your newsfeed and are fully immersive, capturing the complete attention of your audience. It is the ideal opportunity to express your brands’ identity in as creative a way as possible – a digital blank canvas.

The average time spent viewing a canvas ad is an impressive 31 seconds, with 53% of canvas users viewing at least half of the ad. It’s therefore important to motivate people to open your canvas with the most crucial asset being the one that sits on the newsfeed.


This well-executed Canvas for Chivas Regal educates viewers on how to make one of their signature drinks – the Morning Glory Fizz. The cinemagraph, which sits on the newsfeed instantly entices the viewer to explore further.

Once immersed, each recipe step is framed within the Chivas style label – subtly reinforcing the brand’s identity.

The copy is short and sweet, reinforcing the simplicity of the recipe. A variety of media is also included; a carousel makes the viewer physically involved in the recipe (chopping a lemon and cracking an egg), a panoramic – showcases the product and the slow-motion video adds to the premium style of the asset.

The Canvas also encourages the user to turn their phone halfway through the recipe, which in turn shakes the cocktail. Overall, the Canvas educates the viewer in an engaging way, and complements the brand’s aesthetic.

A Canvas is a great chance to flex your creative muscles and really showcase your brand’s identity.

How can we help you?

Ultimately these formats are without value if they are not supported with strategic targeting and an innovative approach.

Here at Mighty Social we have a team of dedicated copywriters, graphic and motion designers creating engaging content, specialists in paid media as well as our unique ATOM technology to ensure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time. It’s this magical formula of great content and superior targeting which will add value to your brand.

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