How to stay ahead in the new era of social media advertising

The ability to personalise messaging is fundamental to online strategy and social media advertising.

The more we make the experiences in content more relevant to consumers, the more likely they are to be engaged and, ultimately, to convert.

But since the changes to data protection following May’s introduction of GDPR, information about our audience is a little thinner on the ground than it once was.

So where do we get information about our audiences so we know what’s relevant to them, right from first to final touchpoint, from activity on a company’s website to platform-level interactions such as a link click on Facebook?

How to stay ahead in social media advertising blog

Overcoming the removal of third party insights

For a long time, advertisers had a wealth of knowledge about their potential audiences at their fingertips.

It was possible to find out all kinds of information through third party companies such as Experian.

They could tell you details about their social-economic status, their finances and their shopping habits.

Experian Customer Classification Mosaics could even delve deeper and tell you what car people drive and how often they replace it, or how often they do DIY and what they spend when they do.

It was possible to take this data and precisely identify who you wanted to talk to, and design a marketing campaign aimed specifically at them.

Knowledge is power when it comes to targeting your marketing.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal though, third-party insights have been removed from Facebook which means it’s no longer possible to classify audiences using the metrics available before.

Laser-focused targeting strategies for social media advertising

Although all third-party insights have disappeared at prospecting level, under the GDPR rules, it’s still possible to use your own CRM database information to create lookalike audiences.

Leveraging CRM data and what you know about your prospects and tailoring your messages to them has never been more important.

It’s crucial to identify core markets and extrapolate your findings to identify potential clients on Facebook and other platforms, who might respond to similar messages.

For example, here at Mighty Social we use a process of Facebook interest targeting, which can work in two ways.

Firstly, it can identify people who have shown a direct interest in your type of product and service.

Secondly, we can identify associated groups, who by showing interest in something else, can be assumed to also be interested in your offering.

We can also help you to identify those who have expressed interest in your creatives that are performing less well than the most popular ones – these people should also not be forgotten.

But how do you classify new prospects in this new GDPR era?

We use our social ad technology, ATOM, to provide essential insights into audiences in a fully compliant way.

The ATOM also builds audiences through intelligent segmentation that increases the likelihood of those audiences being served ads that are the most relevant to them.

It gives you the data and the segmentation needed to create more effective, more targeted social media advertising.

Our unique algorithms are proven to be effective, with outstanding results that speak for themselves, keeping your marketing focussed and your ROI high.

Creating the customer journey and maintaining momentum

Using the insights from ATOM, we can help you create a complete customer journey, from initial advert, through to website interaction and final purchase.

Of course any social media campaign that really talks to a target audience, must be backed up and reflected in a good website experience.

If your prospect identifies and connects with an ad, the last thing you want is for them to lose that feeling of connection the second they click through to a generic website.

We can help you tailor landing pages to keep that connection, providing a different, and more personal experience than prospects would get if they simply found you in organic search.

Testing within your target group

Once we have successfully identified your target group, your marketing will become so much more effective, but that’s just the start.

We can improve your ROI even further by testing different approaches and analysing the results, to see which messages your audience responds to most.

For example, we can test price, product and quality based ads and see which gets the best response. We can then apply this across your entire social marketing campaign to deliver real results.

A new era for social media advertising

GDPR has been a challenge for many areas of industry. It has shrunk databases and made marketing to new prospects so much harder.

But despite initial concerns, we believe that, if anything, it could just give you the edge.

There will certainly be improved trust levels existing between users and advertisers following the much-needed data protection changes post-GDPR.

Now that vital information is not readily available to everyone, having unique audience insight through ATOM could give you a real competitive advantage.

Talk to our team today about how ATOM could help you identify your audience efficiently and effectively, delivering better quality leads, reducing waste and hugely improving your ROI on your social media marketing budget.




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