Our MIGHTY approach to excellent creative for paid media

Today’s consumers are bombarded with promotional messaging. It’s really noisy in the social media world.

To cut through this noise, brands need to serve highly targeted and engaging creative to their most receptive audience – at a time and place where and when it’s convenient to them.

So far so good. But the data we have at our fingertips as marketers can be overwhelming and guiding decision making is not an easy task.

So how do we do it?

We believe cutting edge ad tech is essential to drive campaign performance. However we also have a ‘secret sauce’ behind our ad tech.

Our secret sauce is this: we serve a unique combination of creative content, innovative technology and superior targeting that has allowed us to become the fastest growing social ad company in Europe.

Our Mighty Approach to excellent creative for paid media


Staying ahead of competitors is a must

The current paid media marketplace is busy and hard to stand out from the crowd.

Paid social creative must deliver strong messages, quickly and in an eye-catching way that will get users to stop scrolling.

Ads need to be presented in the right format at the right time.

This balance is only achieved through relevant and timely creative that is impactful and cuts through the noise.

Be on top of fast-moving creative trends

Keeping up with social trends is ongoing. They move quickly and change all the time.  

Our team is always on the lookout for creative trends that grab our attention.

We nurture creativity through our Ideas Board and Innovator of the Month competitions. You can often find us on training courses or sharing our views at industry events.  We enjoy getting together for collaborative brainstorm sessions and monthly breakfast clubs to discuss industry news and new trends.

We don’t keep up; rather, we are one step ahead.

Discovering what’s big in video, design, new formats and creative approaches is achieved through a careful process which includes:

  •        looking at insights and learnings
  •        following design websites
  •        trendspotting
  •        sharing and collaborating as a team
  •        continuously evaluating our testing results and optimising our ongoing campaigns

New innovations and formats are being introduced daily. For example, did you know that Insta stories have overtaken Snapchat and more than 400 million daily users are using Stories every day!  

Keeping up on industry insights is essential towards achieving client KPIs, whether it’s engagement, awareness or conversion.

To be successful, we make sure our creative works for the format, rather than the format working for the creative.

Our team is adaptable and eager to try new creative executions. We have built a full service creative offering that is closely aligned to client objectives. This constant push towards innovation and excellence has helped us smash client expectations.

Fuel your campaign success with the right technology

With our innovative ATOM, we’ve got the best tech in the business for pinpointing paid media targeting and creative.

The ATOM, reveals insights that inform our creative; we are able to continuously monitor performance, tailor bespoke creative to each specific audience and understand our audience segments to target them effectively.

Testing creative variations against prospective audiences ensures that our creative segmentation approach delivers the right creative to the right audience, at the right time.

It is a winning combo that has helped us achieve award-winning results.

Optimise your creative for mobile first

Social has adapted so quickly in the last few years, months even, that now most social ads are served on mobile.

Mobile users consume more than 2x usage in the UK on mobile vs. desktop.

What does that mean for social advertising?

Mobile first!

The message has to be delivered within 3 seconds before the user loses interest, on a small screen that may or may not have sound when the user is consuming content.

For example, 60% of stories are played with sound on while Facebook users prefer to consume content with the sound off.

Keeping this in front of mind drives our creative to be impactful and delivered in a way that is mobile friendly, always. Read our blog ‘How to optimise your ads for mobile’.


Make a splash with clear messaging

Prior to getting started on any creative, we always define our objectives in advance. It drives what we do. It keeps us focused.

It helps us make an impact if we know why we are serving the creative and what outcome we’re looking for.

We also specify our audience in advance, allowing us to be results focused and specific in our reach.

By continuously defining our objectives in advance, pre-testing, testing throughout the campaign, and then updating and optimising, we drive ROI for our clients. The ATOM derived insights drive our future content planning, allowing our technology to work for us.

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