Learning to adapt in an ever-changing technological world

In this article, Sharon Baker discusses how we can now put technology to work to disrupt ourselves.

This is where cutting edge leadership needs to be focused, as we use our fluency with tech to re-shape and refine the way we work.

“The fact that we no longer consume television like we once used to has actually impacted on our worldview. It was not that long ago that TV broadcasts were carefully scripted to present a highly curated picture. No one gave it much thought at the time, however, this did in fact funnel us into sharing a common perspective.

Now of course we have transitioned to an online world with billions of viewpoints, and the technology that has enabled us to communicate seamlessly with one and other across cultures and borders is also augmenting and enhancing our human skills.

As the co-founder of an ad-tech company I have first-hand experience of how this is changing everyone’s role, particularly that of those leading”.

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