Why Amazon should be top of marketers’ agenda

In his article for Marketing Daily, Joel Davis explores what marketers can learn from Amazon. He says: “Google has dominated the search scene long enough that a generation of young people is left wondering how baby boomers managed “back in the day.”

Now, however, a new giant is entering the search arena. Amazon is starting to give the search giant a run for its ad revenue — something that astute marketers will have seen coming for some time. It has been reported that 55% of product searches in the US now emanate from Amazon, and advertising has been a key contributor to their strong growth — 60% year on year.

This has led to a trend of brands aiming to “Amazon-proof” themselves as they look for ways to leverage learnings from the retail Goliath whilst capitalizing on their own unique propositions. Yet rather than resisting the behemoth, perhaps they should consider jumping into Amazon’s slipstream.”

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