What will the future of advertising look like?

Joel Davis shares his predictions for the future of advertising in CMO.com

“The advertising sector is going through increasingly rapid transformations, with a focus on hyper-personification. Each individual customer has their own reality, and every moment represents an opportunity for marketers to play a role in shaping it.

The consumer’s path to purchase is no longer characterised by a few big, well-orchestrated moments.Instead, it is dotted with numerous, small interactions that coalesce to determine success.

Tomorrow’s successful marketers will be the ones shaping the world around consumers, down to picking the right moments to offer their products and services.

They will have to create new strategies to effectively change the way the market itself works.

Core digital technologies are going to be more critical than ever as we set our sights on increasingly better experiential advertising.

Successful marketers will be those prepared to take risks to drive new and exciting creative solutions.”

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