Boosting social media performance with better UX

When selling products and services online, personalisation of adverts and a great customer journey are key to boosting social media performance and conversion rates.

So, just how can we make sure we show our audience what they want to see? And from there, how can we encourage them to follow a user journey which will ultimately lead to them becoming a client or paying customer?


Hyper target adverts for a more personalised user experience

The more relevant an advert is to somebody scrolling through their social media feed, the more accepting of it they are.

They have either actively sought out that particular product before or have an interest in a certain brand. This means that on some level, they understand and appreciate that this is why they are seeing a related advert.

By segmenting your audience to ensure they are targeted by their interest in your brand or products, you can ensure a stronger connection to the customer from the first touch point.

Personalise the journey through bespoke creative

A large part of the personalisation of the user journey comes through targeting – by getting targeting right you’re already halfway to creating a personalised ad experience.

The removal of certain targeting ability from within the social platforms has made targeting more of a challenge. However, technology such as the ATOM audience segmentation tool not only gives marketers the ability to target ads more effectively, but also to tailor the user experience and journey.

By understanding exactly which users in your audience interact with different creative messages, bespoke user experiences can be provided that are the most relevant.

For example, a pharmaceutical company wanting to remind people to get hay fever tablets needs to identify those users who are regular hay fever sufferers. By building audiences of users clicking through to purchase hay fever medication and engaging with hay fever information, you can then deliver triggered reminder ads at key times of the year.

Advanced segmentation means we can show individuals different ad units based on how they responded in the past, e.g. promotional messages, functionality and quality messages or brand led messages.

Create a smooth user journey

Another key element of UX is the journey a user takes from the very beginning to the end of a process – from interacting with an advert, to converting.

Social media is a busy and noisy place, and it’s crucial you make the user journey short, simple, concise and enjoyable.
Anything even remotely confusing, complex or frustrating will push users away.

For example, if you click on a discount code and it doesn’t come through or it takes you to a login page with a different look and feel to the previous page, you’re likely to give up.

Creating a smooth user journey maintains the momentum of an advert, keeps the user motivated whilst ensuring the element of personalisation that has come to be expected remains.

When someone clicks on a link in your advert, make sure they arrive where they think they should be. For example on the page of the particular product they’ve been shown an advert for, give only the information they’ve requested rather than anything external.

It’s also crucial to remove distractions from other products and competitors.

The Amazon Add To Basket of the ATOM and Reminder Adverts go a long way to improve a user’s journey by creating a quick and fluid experience that is convenient to the user. They eliminate unnecessary steps and keep the marketing content at the forefront of the user’s mind without any effort from the user themselves.

We recently used Reminder Adverts to great success in a campaign for a cinema group.

The reminder message allowed parents to specify when they were to be reminded, at a time that was convenient for them. This allowed them a period to consult with family and friends and arrange a time to go and see the film together. This relevant timed communication allowed for more convenient and engaging experience for the user.

The results was that over 40% of engaged users clicked on unique reminder ad units, opting in to receive specialised follow up messaging which boosted the overall campaign performance by 80%.

UX and Social Media

As social media has become such an integral part of day-to-day life, particularly in terms of communication, the social experience is of huge importance. Not only do different platforms need to share a consistent user experience, but they also need to enable users to share, communicate and interact with their connections and followers easily.

It is this sharing of information that advertisers should be looking to include in their UX wherever possible, motivating social media users to promote their experience and therefore offer another channel in which to target audiences.

In today’s noisy online world, digital marketers must leave no stone unturned and apply the latest technology and audience insights in order to stay ahead of the competition.

How can we help?

The ATOM has completely revolutionised social media marketing with its deep audience insights, look-a-like targeting and improved social media conversion rates. If you want to maximise your social media performance by having your campaigns powered by the ATOM, get in touch to find out how we can work together.

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