How social media can impact social responsibility: Instagram’s Story stickers

With the world being asked to stay at home in efforts to flatten the curve, people have taken to social media in solidarity and to display how they have been social distancing.

One initiative that’s been recently introduced is an Instagram ‘Stay Home’ sticker to encourage social responsibility. The results have been far-reaching and inspiring.

No stranger to a cause-related sticker, Instagram’s latest effort enable users to showcase their different activities whilst at home while marking them with a Stay Home sticker. It then shows highlights in the Story section of your Instagram Home Screen of what your followers have posted.

As we said, Instagram is no stranger to helping a cause. Back in October, Instagram created a ‘Create Don’t Hate’ sticker to discourage cyber-bullying, while also launching a sticker to thank healthcare workers amid the COVID-19 outbreak just last week.

Encouraging people to stay home is an incredibly important message; despite a sense of urgency, people aren’t taking it as seriously as they should. However, social media is often a great driver for collective solidarity and people have taken to the internet to showcase their willingness to take this on.

You might say that a sticker is a relatively minor action in the grand scheme of things. But if other people’s (often hilarious) exploits as they practice social responsibility encourages others to stay home and flatten the curve, we are all for it.

Take a look at some of the Mighty Social team’s social isolating weekend activities below.