5 ways to supercharge your paid media results

Paid media is a powerful way to amplify a brand’s online presence and maximise the power of social media.  Here are some top tips from our team of award-winning experts on how to achieve the best paid media results for your brand.

1. Set clear and achievable goals – then raise the bar

Set clear goals of what you want your campaign to achieve and stay on track to reach all your KPIs and maximise ROI. Make sure your goals are clearly defined and specific and outline how you’re planning to get there. In saying that, it is also important to set realistic goals and understand the potential that the campaign could have.

It’s key to re-evaluate your goals based on performance throughout the campaign. This will make it easier to track campaign progress and gain better insights to maximise your results. Evaluate your campaign so higher KPIs can be set for future campaigns.

2. Ask yourself these questions

These are probably the most important questions you need to ask yourself when planning your paid media campaign:

Who is your audience?
Who are you targeting?
Who wants to see your campaign?

Targeting the right audience has a tremendous effect on campaign results as the goal is to link your message to people who will connect with it. Who? is a crucial question to ask.

Thinking of a standard audience is easy; choosing a few defining characteristics and targeting people based on those might give you good results, but we’re aiming at the best. Challenge your ideas and change your assumptions about your audience – they are more than just your standard demographic. Instead of simply asking who is your audience, also ask yourself who isn’t your audience. That’s how you get the most out of your targeting.

Using optimising tools such as our ATOM audience technology will allow you to reach bespoke audiences, by identifying which people are most likely to connect with your message and helping identify the key characteristics of those audiences.

Supercharge your paid media results

3. Push boundaries and intrigue your audience

When designing a paid media campaign, the aim is to surprise your audience and exceed expectations.

Do not settle for the status quo, allow yourself to innovate and push boundaries. Designing a paid media campaign is a creative process in which the aim is to surprise and intrigue the audience in ways they have not seen before.

Test your innovative ideas and showcase their performance. There are many ways to do this. For example, Facebook provides a ‘Split Test’ option when creating a campaign in which two different creatives, audiences, placement and delivery optimisation are tried against each other in order to test which of the options provides the best results.

These tests are vital as they provide concrete data for showcasing the best performance.

4. Optimise results with technology

We use our bespoke technology, the ATOM, an AI powered audience segmentation tool which tailors the user experience and journey. Refining your audience is an effective way to boost your paid media performance itself, however, the ATOM goes beyond that. This unique technology personalises the user journey by understanding exactly which users in your audience interact with different creative messages, and targeting the audience that responds best initially.

Using the ATOM ensures that the customer experience is personalised and that paid media campaigns are meeting their full potential. Find out more about how the ATOM can help improve your paid media results here.

5. Drive performance up

Once your campaign is live, there are several ways to ensure that your campaign performance is reaching its full potential. Monitoring the progress of your campaign will give you insights on which content has produced the best results as well as how your campaign is performing compared to others you’ve run in the past. Monitoring the progress of your campaign will allow you to push performance and surpass your expectations. This will allow you to optimise budgets to the best performing content in order to drive better results, as well as pause any ads which are driving higher costs.

How can we help you achieve better results?

Our dedicated and award-winning team of paid media experts ensures that each campaign we carry out achieves the best paid media results possible.

With extensive experience running campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands, across a variety of industries, our unique ATOM technology combined with our specialist knowledge will ensure that your brand and message will reach the right people. Get in touch to learn how we can help.